IT Business Intelligence Developer – Level 3

March 10, 2023
$0 - $103 / hour

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    March 10, 2023
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $0 - $103 / hour
  • Expiration date
    March 27, 2023
  • Job Status
  • Requisition ID
    CTDS Data Scientist
  • Working Type
  • Duration
    12 Months and 6 Days
  • Work Address
    450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 1202 Hartford, Connecticut 06103-0000

Job Description

This is Us
The State of Connecticut is embarking upon a digital transformation to uplift the lives and well-being of our residents, businesses, and employees. Our goal is to improve access to our programs and services, making interaction with government easier. When you join the Connecticut Digital Service, you’ll be part of a team creating simple experiences personalized for everyone. If you enjoy solving complex problems with a curious, supportive, high-performing team, then the State of Connecticut is the place for you.
Is This You?
Big Thinker. You see data as a means for reaching strategic goals and can use data to impact both the business and the customer.
Problem Solver. You recognize the critical role data plays in understanding and solving pain points.
Organically Curious. You see beyond the obvious to identify and fill-in the missing data and gaps of data.
Service-Oriented. You are passionate about government innovation and improving services for your fellow citizens.
About the Role
The Data Scientist will work closely with our cross-functional project team focused on building and improving the State of Connecticut’s digital government services. The Data Scientist will support the team by collecting, interpreting, and analyzing multiple data sources to help the State understand user needs, the effectiveness of State programs, and discover opportunities to create better user-centered solutions.
You will need to have a deep understanding of data modelling, user research, data analysis, visualizations, and how to use data to improve the delivery of critical business services. You have a strong background in quantitative/qualitative data management, machine learning, data research methodologies, and the focused application of data analysis to fix problems and address emergent customer trends.
Your role will influence and move the needle. You will be fully engaged with digital development teams and front-facing with team leaders to help advance enterprise success strategies to improve customers’ lives.
Experience Required for This Role
Data Research & Analysis – at least 3 years of measurable experience in the following:
• Analyzing data and customer metrics to fulfill specific business goals
• Using data to help teams improve functionality and operations
• Developing and applying data models to improve the collection and analysis of data
• Bridging the divide between technical and business teams through data
• Communicating data analysis to various levels of stakeholders through visualizations
• Data cleansing, optimizing, and ETL
• Developing and analyzing user surveys
• Expertise in the principles and operating procedures of a specific industry
• Performing competitor research to help improve products and services
• Researching latest market trends and implementing knowledge
• Creating dashboards and reports that are easy to understand for non-technical users
• Organizing and storing data and queries for easy access in future work projects
• Documenting data collection and analysis procedures
• Organizing focus groups and feedback loops to establish data collection
• Using data to isolate problems and develop solutions
• Discovering and establishing proper KPIs to help track success
• Preparing and executing ROI analysis
• Establishing testing of products/services based off data analysis
• Identifying and understanding issues through forecasting, gap analysis, quantitative reporting, research, and statistical analysis
• Providing insights and recommending changes based on data findings
Knowledge, Skills, and Ability
Data Science
• Experience with machine learning, AI, and cognitive service engine models
• Experience with programming languages like SQL, Python, R, and Scala
• Using analytics software and platforms (GA, GTM, SPSS, Excel, Microsoft Office Suite)
• Experience using business intelligence tools like Tableau or Power BI
• Experience in data collection from on-prem and cloud platforms like Microsoft, Azure, and Salesforce
• Engaging in data experiments to provide cross-persona or enterprise analysis
• Leveraging statistical analysis and algebra
• Improving research or data management environments
• Leveraging economics, business/systems analysis, and quality assurance
• Manipulating large, complex data sets
• Documenting processes and modelling
Performance in Complex Situations
• Communication and collaboration with cross-functional teams and state-wide partners
• Clearing challenges for team members
• Comfort in blazing a path through an ambiguous work environment
• Judgement fitting to the ever-changing environment
• Ability to juggle multiple project workstreams
Service Design Team Building
• Supporting teammates’ skills and behavior development and delivery
• Advocating data strategies both internally and externally
• A balance between strong domain expertise and flexibility
• Prioritization, organization, and triage in an independent environment
• Encouraging of an interactive, cooperative, collaborative, and customer-focused work environment
• Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
• Judgement in dealing effectively and diplomatically with all levels of government staff
Preferred Skills & Qualifications
Other Desirable Skills
• Deep domain knowledge for a particular industry – especially Health, Business, or Education
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, IT, management, administration, economics, or information science
• 2 years of user research and feedback analysis
• 2 years of data governance and working within data security groups
• 1 year of API development
• 1 year of marketing experience, supported through metrics
• 1 year of project management experience
• 1 year of experience with customer relationship management platforms such as Salesforce
• 1 year of experience with web content management platforms such as Sitecore
Administrative Considerations
The Data Scientist will work as part of an iterative team using agile sprints. Work will be assigned based on items in the product backlog associated with Website Improvements. These tasks may be adjusted, reduced, or expanded as the project progresses through various phases. The contract employee shall be expected to maintain and provide written documentation on any work performed in conjunction with this engagement.
The engagement will be for a term of up to 12 months. All work will be performed in eight (8) hour shifts, Monday to Friday, excluding State holidays. If workflow dictates an on-site presence is not needed, consultant may work remotely. All extended remote work will need approval by Chief Digital Officer or the designated manager. Payment will be on a time and material basis and paid only for hours worked. State Agencies are in downtown Hartford and the Greater Hartford area. Local Travel Reimbursement is not provided.
Use of State Resources: The contractor will share a dedicated office space and will be provided with all computer hardware and software needed to execute and perform the duties for this program.
Security/Privacy Considerations: Information accessible by the contractor may be sensitive, confidential or subject to the Privacy Act and/or HIPAA considerations. Contractor personnel must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of appropriate regulations and/or instructions. Signing of a confidentiality agreement will be required. Daily sign-in to the facility may be required. The contractor employee must always display an access badge while present in state facilities. A background check will be required.
Max Gigle, Program Manager
Department of Administrative Services
Office of Digital Services
450 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06103

Responsibilities and required skills

Business Intelligence Developer - Advanced (7-9 Years)
Data Research & Analysis - Novice (1-3 Years)
Bachelor's Degeree - Proficient (4-6 Years)
Communication skills both verbal and written - Novice (1-3 Years)

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