Data Migration – SOW/ Project – Migrate to AWS – DHHS – Department of Government Operations – IT/Project

March 17, 2023

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    March 17, 2023
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    March 21, 2023
  • Job Status
  • Requisition ID
  • Duration
    60 Months and 3 Days
  • Work Address
    195 North 1950 West, Utah, UNITED STATES

Job Description

======================================== Only vendor questions are needed at this time ====Vendor proposals will be requested at a later date==================================

KSSOW 23039 SOW/Project/Milestone
DHHS – Data Migration to AWS Cloud
Budget – $1,100,00.00
Hourly bid rate Not to exceed $150.00hr

Project Start Date – April 2023
Project End Date – March 2021

3/16/2023 This is the question portion of this posting. Vendors can submit questions to the Agency for response to clarify this IT service need, prior to submitting a Proposal. After the Q and A is complete. This posting will be updated with more information and a request for vendor bid proposals. For now, we are only requesting vendors questions.

• Vendor questions are due no later than 3:00PM MDT on March 21, 2023
• Vendor questions must use the template in attachment section below.
• Enter all your questions on the template.
o email your question template to
o The subject line on must read, “Questions KSSOW 23039”
o If you neglect to enter the correct subject line or submit questions outside the template, your question may not be captured/forwarded for an agency response.
• No more questions will be accepted after the Question portion closes on March 21.
• The Agency will review your questions on March 22nd. The posting will be paused.
• Once the Agency responds, the question template will be uploaded to this posting. The posting status will then be, “Answer”. Once the posting Status is “Answer” a new end date will be entered
and vendors will be invited to submit bids.
• Additional bidding instructions will accompany the requests for vendor bids.
• Please review the SOW in attachments and submit any questions you have on or before March 21st @ 3:00PM (Utah Time)

Your proposal will be scored on the following criteria.
20% – All inclusive and total bid cost.
25% – Java experience
15% – AWS Technology Experience
20% – React Experience
20% – Licensing Application Development Experience

In the event of a tie in the total score between candidates in the top/winning positions, the technical score will be calculated (sans the cost factor), and the highest technical scorer of the tied candidates will be awarded the position. Should this method fail to yield an ultimate “winner,” the candidates will be asked to participate in a best and final offer process.

• This project is under the State of Utah Contract IT2462. All processes, policies etc. are governed by this contract.
• The amount listed on this scope of work is a current project budget. Additional funding can be added by the requesting agency by amendment to the scope of work. Contractors must not allow work
to continue that will cost more than the allowed budget without an amendment first being approved.

Responsibilities and required skills

Data Migration - SOW/ Project - Migrate to AWS - DHHS - Department of Government Operations - IT/Project

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