GDOT Sr. GIS Developer

November 17, 2023
$0 - $0 / hour

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    November 17, 2023
  • Offered Salary
    $0 - $0 / hour
  • Expiration date
    June 30, 2024
  • Job Status
    Interviews occurring
  • Requisition ID
  • Working Type
  • Duration
    7 Months and 27 Days
  • Interview Type
    Web Cam Interview Only
  • Work Address
    600 West Peachtree Street NW, One Georgia Center, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30308

Job Description

Job Summary:
Candidate will develop, maintain, and enhance Esri enterprise level ArcGIS applications (Javascript API, ArcGIS Portal/Online/Hub, ArcGIS Field Apps). GIS functions will be integrated within C# .NET applications hosted within a SharePoint environment. GIS data is stored within Oracle. Solutions typically work with Oracle enterprise data warehouse and enterprise API’s/services. Candidate will work within the IT Applications Enterprise GIS (EGIS) Team. Candidate will work within IT Project teams (i.e. including architects, DBA’s, server admins, etc.) to develop, integrate, and deploy applications. Candidate will work independently with limited supervision. Candidate will interact with peers, contractors, project managers, and business units. Candidate will translate business requirements into development tasks and implement with secure and maintainable source code. Candidate will troubleshoot and analyze program or system operational problems. Candidate will provide technical solutions in coding, design, testing, modification, and debugging.

The EGIS Team is composed of a Team Leader, System Administrators, Data Manager, and contracted developers. The team supports over 180 ArcGIS desktop users, 300+ Field Maps users, 2000+ ArcGIS Hub/Community members, and 80,000+ annual web applications visits. Applications supported address transportation permitting, asset management, project planning, safety, emergency management, etc. The team develops enterprise level GIS services, applications, and geodatabases.

– To follow GDOT software development lifecycle, process, standards, guidelines, and specifications
– To work within GDOT selected project management methodology (e.g. waterfall, agile, hybrid)
– To collaborate on architecture design/implementation with data/application architects and team assigned developers
– To design/develop/implement standalone or integrated GIS applications/solutions within enterprise IT environment
– To leverage GDOT IT and Esri COTS based capabilities over customization, but to develop custom scripts, code, or applications as needed to support requirements
– To review/implement source code/scripts from contractors
– To assist in guiding/instructing GIS contractors and staff on solutions
– To deploy GIS solutions within development, testing/QA, and production environments
– To address and resolve any issues with existing GIS applications, processes, and data workflows

– Define tasks and provide work estimates to team lead, manage their time to meet project expectations and scheduled delivery dates
– Assists with implementing Esri GIS capabilities within COTS applications that natively integrate with Esri GIS
– Develops GIS web editing capabilities and integrating location aspects with GDOT geodatabases and linear referencing system within Esri Roads and Highways
– Creates and publishes GIS geoprocesors, locators, and web services
– Implements workflows within Esri Geoevent Processor, Roads and Highways, Field Maps, Image Server, SiteScan, etc.
– Complete GIS assigned tasks and deliverables on-time
– Upgrades Esri ArcGIS and GIS applications to newer versions and assists with other technology/system upgrades
– Manage GIS source code within GitHub, provide appropriate in-line code commenting, branching, versioning
– Provide unit and system integration testing
– Performs code reviews with application/data architects prior to production deployments
– Develops Selenium test scripts to validate use cases and system operational health
– Facilitates automation of code deployments within established server architecture
– Addresses IT security issues within GIS source code and assists with required security updates
– Submits and updates ServiceNow tickets to record work tasks, schedule planned outages, request approval to deploy bug fixes/change requests
– Complete GIS architecture and system support documentation
– Complete work time logs/ServiceNow updates weekly and submit with timecard for Team Lead review

Work Terms and Conditions:
– The consultant will follow all applicable State of Georgia and GDOT policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, and accepted best practices.
– The position end date is set for the end of the GDOT Fiscal Year. GDOT may exercise the option to renew contracts in one-year increments. Several successful consultants have continued working for several years with contract extensions However, GDOT is under no obligation to extend contracts and may terminate employment at any time.
– When teleworking or working remotely, consultant must have suitable internet connection and environment to comply with GDOT telework policies.
– GDOT will reimburse authorized travel expense lodging and meals. GDOT will reimburse authorized travel use of a personal vehicle. Any travel expenses to start work or relocate to Georgia or will not be reimbursed. All travel expense reimbursement shall be in accordance with State Accounting Office Travel Policy:
– The Department has 13 holidays, which consultants are not allowed to work nor make up any time for those holiday weeks without management’s approval. Consultants are not to take extended leave during their first year of service (e.g. greater than 1 week).
– Consultant must have cell phone which can be used for business calls.
– GDOT does not provide free parking. All routine commuting expenses are the responsibility of the consultant.

Responsibilities and required skills

Programming/application development experience (8 years)
Esri JavaScript API (must be capable of developing widgets and not just using Web or Experience App Builder) (5 years)
PL/SQL, SQL, Python Scripting (5 years)
Esri ArcGIS Server services and GeoProcessing services development (4 years)
ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal for Organization experience as Administrator (3 years)
Esri Experience Builder (or previous experience with Web App Builder) (3 years)
Esri Geoevent Processor, Roads and Highways, Image Server, Site Scan Experience (0 years)
Experience with industry-standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Git, HTML5, Dojo, Kendo UI, Angular, Dijit, etc. (0 years)
Bachelor’s degree in geography, GIS, computer science, or a related field (4 years)
Experience with ArcGIS Apps - Field Maps, Navigator, Survey 123, Quick Capture, Operations Dashboard, etc. (0 years)
Experience with Esri Roads and Highways, Dynamic segmentation and linear referencing systems/methods, transportation data models (0 years)
Experience with SafeSoftware Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) (0 years)
Geodatabase Administration experience with multi-user versioned environment (0 years)
URISA GISP or Esri Enterprise Certification (0 years)
Knowledge of IT security concepts and implementation patterns within Esri technology (0 years)
Ability to isolate/solve any number of problems from code bugs to database connectivity to application server or operating system failures (0 years)
Ability to clearly communicate technical ideas, whether to other technical peers or non-technical project managers or customers (0 years)
Excellent communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills (0 years)
Experience with current Esri technology implementation patterns including service-oriented and cloud (0 years)