Cloud Native Integration Developer

May 12, 2023
$53 - $53 / hour

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    May 12, 2023
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $53 - $53 / hour
  • Expiration date
    November 22, 2023
  • Job Status
  • Requisition ID
  • Working Type
  • Duration
    6 Months and 4 Days
  • Interview Type
    Either Web Cam or In Person
  • Work Address
    47 Trinity Ave Atlanta GA

Job Description

The AWS Cloud Native developer is responsible for developing integration projects from inception through deployment. Team members will be working to support new and ongoing integration projects, connecting various state agencies to share data. Software developers work on multiple projects, sometimes in parallel, that range in size from small to large. These projects require business domain knowledge or subject matter expertise, along with technical skills in multiple software platforms, languages, frameworks, and environments. Software developers work with clients, business analysts, and team members to deliver quality technical solutions on time and within budget that are aligned with Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) and State Agency IT strategies and standards. Software developers are involved in the full systems lifecycle which includes analyzing, designing, coding, testing, deploying, enhancing, and supporting applications or middleware. You will be a critical player who can contribute to the group while gaining valuable experience. Are you motivated, positive, results-oriented, technically adept, energized by challenging work, and interested in adding value while gaining useful experience? This could be the software development opportunity for you!

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to, the following:

• Develop and consistently deliver quality, effective code and solutions that meet or exceed specified business and/or technical requirements, standards, and expectations.
• Directly contribute to the analysis, design, development, integration, enhancement, maintenance, technical testing, and support of applications, middleware, or related software.
• Build, integrate, package, or document code and utilize repositories to manage/version code in preparation for deployments, in accordance with configuration management requirements or policies.
• Create prototypes, demos, samples, or other supporting examples and documentation as needed to obtain feedback/input and validate, refine, or test technical functionality, concepts, or processes.
• Actively participate in researching, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving application or technical operations issues.
• Support quality assurance by performing technical testing (unit, integration, data testing, etc.), identifying and fixing defects or deficiencies, verifying outcomes or results of tests, assisting with test planning, or participating in regression testing, user acceptance testing, and performance/load testing as needed.
• Assist in the project planning process with clients, business analysts, and team members to identify system and/or business requirements, translate business requirements into technical designs or implementable code, estimate work deliverables, and provide input for project status, milestones, schedules, or statements of work.
• Analyze existing applications to identify weaknesses or opportunities for improvements that may include streamlining or automating processes, adopting new technologies or tools, increasing code reuse or consolidation, and/or leveraging alternative or updated approaches to address challenges.
• Adhere to technical or quality standards, guidelines, and procedures. Review code and data for compliance with adopted designs or architecture.
• Provide various levels and types of support, including customer/user support, technical or system/application support, and operations support.
• Perform all other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
Must meet the following requirements:
High School Diploma or the equivalent (GED) and Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in programming/systems/engineering or computer science, specialized training, certification, or proven equivalent work experience.
• 2 years experience working in cloud native solutions in AWS

• 2 years experience in each of the following:
Python 3.x (Paramiko, boto3, pytest)
Step functions
Glue (behind API gateway)

• Broad understanding of information systems, software development lifecycle, coding/architecture standards.
• Understanding of programming techniques, software/systems analysis, design, and testing.
• Experience working with Git-based repositories.
• Client-facing engagement skills to include direct communication or interactions with customers and end users.

Preferred Qualifications:
(Preference will be given to candidates who, demonstrate some or all of the following skills/experience):
• Experience with Java, XML, HTTP/S, FTP, Publish/subscribe mechanism, SOAP messaging, Web Services, and/or Unix/Linux
• Documented experience in the following tools and concepts in AWS:
• Terraform
• Backstage (React, JavaScript)
• Pyspark
• DynamoDB
• AWS Secrets Manager
• AWS FTP Services
• LDAP integration and implementation
• Experience in working in codecommit utilizing a formal codepipeline solution for deployments
• Middleware development experience
• One or more of the following RDBMS technologies: Oracle, MS SQL Server, with basic SQL knowledge for DB Query, calling stored procedure etc.
• Familiarity with networking in AWS
• Knowledge of integration standards and best practices
• Experience in gathering, analyzing and preparing functional requirements
• Testing, troubleshooting, and implementation background
• Technical design and support background
• Experience in software development, including programming and scripting languages (Java, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, C#, etc.).

• Experience with open source frameworks/tools/libraries such as Spring Boot, Spring WebFlux, Hibernate, Maven, Kafka, Selenium, etc.
• Experience with modern web frameworks or libraries (React, Angular, etc.) and supporting technologies (npm, Node.js, etc.).
• Experience with RESTful Web Services or APIs and supporting tools (Postman, Swagger, JMeter, etc.).
• Experience with data exchange/serialization languages, formats, or technologies (JSON, YAML, XML, etc.).
• Experience with responsive and adaptive UI/UX design or development and supporting technologies (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass/SCSS, etc.).
• Experience with Source Code Management (SCM) or distributed version control systems (Git, etc.), supporting tools, or hosted solutions (CloudCommit, Bitbucket, etc.).
• Experience with stored procedures using PL/SQL.
• Knowledge of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for software, databases, or architecture (Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Toad, SQL Developer, DBeaver, Enterprise Architect, etc.).
• Knowledge of Web/application servers that support software development (Tomcat, JBoss, etc.).
• Knowledge of distributed system architecture and middleware.
• Familiarity with security concepts and practices (authentication, authorization, encryption, etc.) as well as supporting technologies (JWT, OAuth, SAML, Okta, etc.).
• Familiarity with cloud computing services, processes, and standards (preferably for AWS).
• Familiarity with issue or project tracking software such as JIRA.
• Familiarity with Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) and tools.
• Familiarity with microservices, containers, and supporting technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).
• Familiarity with reactive programming.
• Experience in troubleshooting production issues by analyzing debug/transaction logs and other transaction data using SQL queries or related tools.
• Experience in analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment of enterprise applications in a rapid development environment.
• Experience providing various levels and types of support, including customer/user support, technical or system/application support, and operations support.
• Understanding of software design patterns, packaging, deployment, and quality assurance.

Responsibilities and required skills

Experience working in cloud native solutions in AWS (4 years)
Developing Cloud Integration/Data Sharing solutions (3 years)
Python 3.x (Paramiko, boto3, pytest) (3 years)
AWS CLI (3 years)
Lambda Functions (3 years)
Step functions (3 years)
Glue (behind API gateway) (3 years)
• Broad understanding of information systems, software development lifecycle, coding/architecture standards. (0 years)
• Understanding of programming techniques, software/systems analysis, design, and testing. (0 years)
• Experience working with Git-based repositories. (0 years)
Experience with

(0 years)
Experience with RESTful Web Services or APIs and supporting tools (Postman, Swagger, JMeter, etc.) (0 years)
Backstage (React, JavaScript) (2 years)
DynamoDB (2 years)
Pyspark (2 years)

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