Technical Writer III

March 8, 2023
$0 - $75 / hour

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    March 8, 2023
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $0 - $75 / hour
  • Expiration date
    March 17, 2023
  • Job Status
  • Requisition ID
    23-1000 DSU-Tech Writer
  • Working Type
  • Duration
    3 Months and 12 Days
  • Work Address
    201 E Colfax Ave Denver, Colorado 80203-0000

Job Description

1.1. The Colorado Department of Education (hereafter referred to as “CDE” or “the Department”) is contracting with, Inc. dba Covendis (the Contractor), 200 Walker Ave St. SW, Atlanta GA, 30313, to provide a Technical Writer III, contactor FN LN, from Vendor Name to develop guidance documents and a training presentation. The CDE is seeking a qualified Technical Writer III, experienced with gathering information by reviewing existing documentation and conducting interviews to create new documentation targeted to specific audiences. This individual needs to be well versed in Microsoft Office tools including but not limited to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Visio. This is a staff augmentation to digest recently passed State of Colorado legislation (HB-22-1376). This individual will need to read and understand the technical strategy to implement this bill, and develop guidance and training documentation for Colorado schools to comply with the legislation.
1.2. CDE anticipates that the term of this project will run from as soon as the position can be filled and contracted through the completion of all related tasks, estimated to be two to four weeks. The engagement must be completed prior to the end of the state’s fiscal year, June 30, 2023.
2.1. Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Project Manager, Annette Severson, manager of the Data Services Unit of Information Management Systems, throughout the duration of the Purchase Order to discuss suggestions or issues and incorporate guidance from the Department while performing the work described within this Statement of Work.
2.2. The Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met.
2.3. The Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality.
2.4. The Contractor shall alert the Project Manager when issues or potential risks are encountered that will affect the project.
2.5. The Contractor shall provide documentation to the Project Manager. This documentation must provide details on the work provided and at a level a department employee can use the information to support the work at the end of the contract.
2.6. The Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations.
2.7. The Contractor shall submit detailed status reports and participate in weekly status meetings as required by the Department during the engagement.
2.8. Contractor shall submit each Deliverable to the Department’s Project Manager for review and approval.
2.9. The contractor shall provide draft versions of their product as requested by the Project Manager.
2.10. The Contractor shall attend required meetings with the required project stakeholders as directed by the Project Manager.
2.11. The Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance.
2.12. The Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemail, and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one business day.
2.13. The Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Department staff in formats compatible with the Department’s systems. The Department currently uses Microsoft Office 2010 for PC.
PLEASE NOTE: The state does not supply computers. A virtual machine will be set up.
3.1. This role will develop documentation to support legislation (HB 22-1376) that was passed in the 2022 legislative session.
3.2. The Contractor shall provide a total of three resource guidance documents and one training presentation designed to provide guidance for school personnel about the how the school personnel will comply with the legislation.
3.2.1. A guidance document for each elementary school. Including examples of discipline incidents typical in an elementary setting and how they are to be reported to CDE.
3.2.2. Guidance document for each secondary school.
3.2.3. A guidance document for local education agency (LEA) staff for reporting disciplinary incidents to CDE. Provide LEA training guidance, including examples, for utilizing the CDE data collection for reporting to the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC).
3.2.4. The Contractor shall provide one training course using MS PowerPoint slides for reporting the discipline data to CDE through Data Pipeline
SECTION 4.0 CONFIDENTIALITY AND PROTECTION OF PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (Agreement to be requested dependent on the role and exposure to PII data.)
4.1. The Student Data Transparency and Security Act (C.R.S. §§ 22-16-101, et seq.) governing the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information requires a confidentiality contract between CDE and Contractor.
4.2. Attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference and agreed to by the parties is a Confidentiality and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information Agreement (“Confidentiality Agreement”). Terms of the Confidentiality Agreement shall be considered binding upon the execution of the Purchase Order and shall remain in effect during the term of the Purchase Order including any extensions.
5.1. A minimum of 6 years creating technical documentation of various types for various technical tools/products or systems.
5.2. Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or equivalent professional experience is preferred
5.3. This individual must have demonstrated experience in writing, editing, and packaging a variety of technical documents including training materials, proposals, articles, brochures, reports, and manuals.
5.4. Ability to perform requirements analysis, technical research, create business process documents, and flow diagrams.
5.5. Strong technical writing skills with attention to details, resulting in polished professional documents.
5.6. 5.6. Ability to create documentation targeted to specific audiences.
5.7. 5.7. Ability to build presentations.
5.8. 5.8. Exceptionally proficient in the use of Microsoft Office tools, including but not limited to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Visio.
5.9. 5.9. Possesses solid analytical skills.
5.10. 5.10. General knowledge of technical applications and technologies.
5.11. 5.11. Strong organizational, and communication skills.
5.12. 5.12. Ability to take direction but able to work efficiently and independently following the direction provided.
5.13. 5.13. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
5.14. 5.14. The ability to pass a background check.
5.15. 5.15. Preferred: Experience in creating training materials.
5.16. 5.16. Preferred: Experience working within the education sector.
6.1. The total amount of funding for this hourly rate purchase order for all work to be performed pursuant to this Statement of Work is $30,000 (for the entire term of the project). This is a maximum only and the contractor will bill only for the hours worked and multiplied by the hourly rate each month.
6.2. The hourly rate is the sole compensation to the Contractor for the services and/or deliverables provided. No additional costs will be reimbursed.
All invoices must be submitted to CDE no later than July 30, 2023.
* * * Contractor is an independent contractor and not a state employee. * * *

Responsibilities and required skills

Microsoft Office - Proficient (4-6 Years)
Technical Documentation Creation - Proficient (4-6 Years)
Bachelor's Degree - Proficient (4-6 Years)

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